Cat on a Book

Cat on a Book - Pauline

My name is Pauline. I have been working in foreign right departments for more than 10 years now. I worked in the children book field for Auzou (books from 0 to 16 year-old) and in the craft and illustrated book fields for Marie Claire & Massin (Marie Claire Group). I also have a small experience in the board game area.

Visuals are very important to me, which is why I am working with publishers that also have this love for nice illustrations and photos.

I am representing worldwide French publishers specialised in children books, in illustrated books and cooking.

I am attending London Book Fair, Bologna Children Book Fair, Livre Paris, Frankfurt book fair and Montreuil. Let’s meet there!
Or you can contact me by email: contact me

I look forward to being in contact with you and to work with you soon!

Cat on a Book - Isha

Who is the cat?

The cat’s name is Isha. His peace and quiet was completely disrupted when I decided to start my agency at home, so I thought it would be fair to mention him in my agency’s name, as he is now my closest colleague.

He is very critical regarding books. When he finds a special one, he can devour it (literally)! He is never far from the computer (sometimes even ON the computer), so be sure he will help me answer my emails as soon as possible.

Contact me :

contact me

SIRET : 889 749 057 00036
SIREN : 889 749 057

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