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My Unusual France
My Unusual France
My Unusual France
My Unusual France

My Unusual France

Original title : Ma France insolite
Collection : Emma's Logbooks
Author : Georges Feterman, Arnaud Goumand, Aurélie Lenoir, Maud Tyckaert
Illustrator/Photographer : Emma
Category : France
Format : Flexi cover
Pages : 128
211 x 150 mm
15.90 €

Content : Emma is an active, cultured, hedonistic young woman who enjoys sharing her discoveries with her friends. She illustrates her finds with texts, photos, watercolors, prints, which she consigns in notebooks that she generously offers.

"Always a pencil in my pocket, I travel around France in search of new nuggets. I fell in love with landscapes and little-known sites, but above all I love to share my discoveries with my relatives. I wish you wonderful explorations." Emma

In this notebook, Emma collected some her best finds, always more unusual. An underground city, trees growing on a cathedral ... She is attracted by everything that is unlike anything else.

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