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Grand Mama
Grand Mama
Grand Mama
Grand Mama

Grand Mama

Original title : Grand Mama
Collection : Picture Books 3+
Author : Corinne Fleury
Illustrator/Photographer : Sébastien Pelon
Age : 3+
Category : 1-3+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
225 x 330 mm
16.50 €

Content : On the banks of the Latanier river lived Grand-Mama. This old woman, stunted and surly, lived in a house of odds and ends. Witch or ogress, she was feared by the village.
One day, bewitched by Grand-Mama’s sweet and melodious song, young Malo walked towards the old woman's lair. A strange atmosphere emanated from that place. He heard meow, chuckle, bleat ... Danger loomed over Malo. What was going to happen to him?
The text is inspired by a traditional lullaby from the Indian Ocean. The song, in Mauritian Creole, is present throughout the story and is translated into French.
The book is enriched by a musical score at the end.

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