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Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Original title : Chouette à la cantine
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Stories to Read Together
Author : Anne-Sophie Baumann & Cécile Rabreau
Illustrator/Photographer : Lymut
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
156 x 188 mm
3.90 €

Content : Little Owl and her friends are at the cafeteria. On the menu, steak and broccoli. Remi does not like that!
A series of cute little stories written to develop the language and prepare for learning to read: the parent reads the story and the child speaks the illustrated words. Also an introduction to reading capital letters with childfriendly writing. Activities on the theme of the story are available, to promote exchanges and the use of vocabulary, always linked to the daily life at school.

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