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Swedish Embroidery
Swedish Embroidery
Swedish Embroidery
Swedish Embroidery

Swedish Embroidery

Original title : Broderie Suédoise
Collection : Embroidery
Author : Ingo Weisbarth
Category : Craft
Format : Flexi-bound
Pages : 96
210 x 270 mm
22.50 €

Content : Traditional Swedish embroidery looks a bit like mending. Like the other type of embroidery (shashiko...) its first function was to reinforce the fabric.
It is a very simple embroidery that mainly use "le passé plat" (front stitch) and is characterized by geometric and repetitive patterns.
Ingo Weisbarth helps readers rediscover this traditional embroidery while proposing very contemporary
variations such as the addition of pearls and sequins or the use of perforated vinyl as a support.
• Discover this simple technique of embroidery with elegant results,
• embroider more than 20 original designs ranging from shopping bag to light garland through
tablecloth decorations, cube, etc.,
• use perforated vinyl, sequins and beads for trendy achievements.

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