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A Tree Traveled Through History
A Tree Traveled Through History
A Tree Traveled Through History
A Tree Traveled Through History

A Tree Traveled Through History

Original title : Un arbre a traversé l'Histoire
Collection : Vice Versa
Author : Marion Bottollier-Curtet and Serge Müller
Illustrator/Photographer : Serge Müller
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 40
135 x 195 mm
10.00 €

Content : The 4th title from the “Vice-Versa” series, poetic non-fiction picture books that can be read in both ways to better illustrate the cycles of nature.

A playful picture book that involves the readers in a great trip over time, from the Neolithic Era to our days.
A story told from the point of view of a tree, which sees the landscape evolve around him according to upheavals of human societies, hunter-gatherers from yesterday to today’s urbanization .
An adventure illustrated by beautiful naturalist watercolours teeming with details. Hannibal crosses the landscape with his elephants, a weasel and then a snake invite themselves between the branches of the tree... on each page, details enrich the story.

2 stories in 1 book:
The book can be read both ways: this is the originality of the “Vice Versa” series. After exploring the evolution of landscapes and of human societies, we turn the book over to follow over the seasons the story of a tree, a 3,000 year old red juniper, from the seed from which it came to its current branches.

Fluid, concise and suitable for the youngest, the text remains scientifically valid. At the end of the book, two documentary pages allow, with humor and simplicity, to learn more about the longevity of trees.

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