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New Tales for the Planet
New Tales for the Planet
New Tales for the Planet
New Tales for the Planet
New Tales for the Planet

New Tales for the Planet

Original title : Nouveaux contes pour la planète
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Akinomé for children
Author : Aude Hage
Illustrator/Photographer : Clémentine Guyvarc’h
Age : 3+
Category : ! NEW !, Tales
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 112
230 x 215 mm
16.90 €

Content : Beautiful stories for a better world!

This book contains six tales featuring animals and children, to approach in an original way the main problems related to the environment and biodiversity.
Thus, readers meet in the jungle Earz, the baby elephant, Sophie and her family who are travelling, Mr. Owl and Cassiopeia, and many other characters!
Stories about courage and hope that show that everyone can take care of the planet and that it is never too late to act!
Each story is accompanied by tips to act and protect the planet.

This book is composed of 5 written stories - ecological fables - and a final part without text.
The idea is to invite children to speak and that they understand and become familiar with environmental issues. The subjects evoked though the different tales are:
- light pollution
- water scarcity
- Pollution due to transports
- short circuits and power supply
- the circular economy

A great book for children to understand the current environmental issues, with documentary pages also interesting for parents!

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