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Indigo is Angry
Indigo is Angry
Indigo is Angry
Indigo is Angry

Indigo is Angry

Original title : Indigo est en colère
Publisher : La poule qui pond
Collection : Picture books
Author : Charline Montagné
Illustrator/Photographer : Charline Montagné
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 38
215 x 215 mm
14 €

Content : Indigo is a charming blue elephant. Happy and playful, he is small but very strong. But today Indigo is angry. What is going on ? We can ask him.

Children are invited to interact with Indigo, to help the elephant calm down, but it will not be easy as the young elephant is really angry! And there might be some torn pages...

A book that helps calm big anger. It is an invitation for children to talk about the big tantrums they can do sometimes. By giving advices to Indigo, they will think about solutions to calm down next time...

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