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Lace in Contemporary Art
Lace in Contemporary Art
Lace in Contemporary Art
Lace in Contemporary Art

Lace in Contemporary Art

Original title : La dentelle dans l'Art contemporain
Author : Blandine Pouzin
Category : Photo books
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 160
205 x 255 mm
30 €

Content : 30 contemporary artists from around the world revisit lace.

In this book, readers will find a panorama of today’s artists who use lace technique as means of expression.
This traditional technique, very codified and complex to master, is revisited by about thirty international artists (real lace-makers) proving that it can be an effective support to their artistic expression.
Monumental or miniature works that illustrate this books can be flat or in relief but are always breathtaking. Readers can see the handmade lace (most often with bobbins) with a fresh look. They are invited to discover all these artists through their interviews. Learn more about their influences, their reflections on the technique, the challenges linked to the use of such a medium, their relation to time, to the transmission and the unlimited variations possible with this technique and medium.

About the author: Blandine Pouzin graduated in Art History from the Sorbonne. Freelance editor and writer, she wrote several successful documentaries. In this book - which asked two years of work - she brings together her passions for writing and contemporary Art to highlight artists still too little known.

- About 30 international lace-maker artists.
- A large overview of lace in contemporary Art.
- A book with numerous photos.

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