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Birds vol. 2
Birds vol. 2
Birds vol. 2
Birds vol. 2

Birds vol. 2

Original title : Oiseaux entre garrigues et Méditerranée II
Author : Christian Philip
Illustrator/Photographer : Christian Philip
Category : Photo books
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 288
280 x 220 mm
25 €

Content : This second volume will introduce you to 70 new species, from the most common to the most difficult to observe.

Flying over the pages, you'll take off from the rooftops of towns and villages, favorable to the settlement of certain species, to the fields and wastelands of the countryside. But the open sea is not just a stopover, and some never leave.
Fascinated by the quality and originality of Christian Philip's shots, the Ecologists of Euziere have chosen to publish this book to give as many people as possible a glimpse of the natural richness of our landscapes.

The series of living photos accompanied by texts, allow the readers to better understand each species, their habits and behaviors.

This book is the result of the work of an author-photographer: years of patience (more than 7) and respectful approach, supported by naturalist proofreaders from a recognized French association: the Ecologists of Euziere.

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