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FIMO Leather-Effect
FIMO Leather-Effect
FIMO Leather-Effect
FIMO Leather-Effect

FIMO Leather-Effect

Original title : FIMO Leather effect
Collection : Craft
Author : Rozen Marel and MissCréatives
Category : Craft
Format : Flexi-bound
Pages : 64
215 x 215 mm
16.50 €

Content : FIMO Leather effect is the new clay by Staedtler. It is an oven hardening modelling clay that can be shaped and worked in the same way as FIMO soft. It is easy to work and after baking, it looks and touches similar to leather.
The pieces can be very thin and remain flexible. They can be folded, cut or punched, braided or sewn There is a whole field of creative possibilities available!

Rozen Martel and MissCréatives two recognized “FIMO" designers, offer readers the 1 st French book exclusively dedicated to this new material.

A first part focuses on all the innovative techniques and on the specific FIMO® leather effect
A second part offers a dozen original and trendy creations decoration (trinket bowl, frame, clock, etc. ...) or jewelry.

Step by step photos and instructions are available for each creation. It will be easier for readers to understand all the possibilities of this innovative clay, and so to develop afterward their own creations.

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