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Original title : Pyrogravure
Collection : Craft
Author : Laurie Roero
Format : Flexi-cover
Pages : 80
205 x 255 mm
18.50 €

Content : Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of pyrography.

If you are passionate about magic, if you love pyrography, this book is for you.

Laurie - the author - offers readers a complete guide covering both the basic techniques of pyrography, the necessary precautions to take, and features some twenty original designs that will add a magical charm to your decoration.
You will find it easy to create altars, incense holders, candle trays, key-holders, protective hangers, etc.
A special focus on the use of paint in pyrography adds an artistic dimension to your creations.

The third part of the book is made up of additional illustrations designed by the author, which you can use on the media of your choice, but also with the techniques of your choice (painting, tattooing, embroidery, etc.). Whether you are a pyrography novice or an experienced artist, you will find in this book trendy designs with practical advice.

-> Pyrography for everyone.
-> All the techniques you need to combine painting and pyrography.
-> A mystical theme to bring a little magic to your decoration.

Laurie Roero is an artist therapist. Passionate about the occult and positive magic, she is dedicated to transmitting positive energies through her Art. In her workshops, she helps people create incense holders, talismans, etc. to bring serenity to their home.

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