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Original title : Linogravure
Collection : Craft
Author : Florie Nguyen-Van
Category : Craft
Format : Flexi-bound
Pages : 64
220 x 220 mm
16.50 €

Content : Linocut appeared at the end of the 19th century. It is an easy, fast and gratifying technique.
Linoleum (composed of cork powder, linseed oil, gum and resin compressed on a fabric) is softer and easier to engrave than wood.
It allows a flexible, precise layout and its smooth surface gives an optimal quality when printing.

Readers will find in this book more than 60 creative ideas imagined so that they could be associated together. This way, it is possible to express creativity to the fullest.

This book responds to the readers' growing demands for alternative art techniques.
• Discover all the basic techniques with a lot of illustrations.
• The different steps, size, inking and printing are easy to understand.
• Combine over 60 creations, inspired by flora and fauna, to create countless original motives.

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