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3D Papercutting
3D Papercutting
3D Papercutting
3D Papercutting

3D Papercutting

Original title : Papier découpé en relief
Collection : Craft
Author : Victor Amaro-Ribeiro
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 72
205 x 255 mm
16.50 €

Content : 3D papercutting technique is not recent. It consists in cutting and layering elements of an image, to make them stand out in relief. The technique is very simple and thus leave a lot of space to personal interpretation of the image.
Victor, the author, got hold of this traditional technique and applied the principles of digital design in 3D with layers to achieve about twenty original insects in shimmering colours.

With these creations, readers give free rein to imagination and to their own personal tastes. No need to copy images, or to cut and interpret them. You just need colourful paper, a tool to cut and glue.

In addition to offering each model of insect with the correct cutting order and intuitive stacking, Victor gives readers the keys to design and realize their own models.

This way, readers will realize models slightly in relief which will be of the most beautiful effect to complement a decoration.

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